David Icke Resigns from TPV The People's Voice - but no one knew!

David Icke has resigned from the people's Voice!but no one knew.  And here is the proof...   David Icke does not seem willing to discuss this matter - I wonder why?   Please keep sending David Icke your money so he can pay himself and his son Gareth Icke with it whilst legally having absolutely no personal financial liability over the doomed Ltd Company known as 'The People's ...

Blood Sacrifice 16

The number 16 is is used by the pagans to honour Apollyon the Destroyer with mass killings and other forms of sacrifice   Below we see a snapshot from the Paedophile Ring BBC 'News' program showing Barak Obama with his face splattered in blood and the number 16 shown prominently   Showing faces spattered with blood is a sign that that person has shed blood.  You can see other ex...

David Icke Elitist Masonic Club Membership Exposed - Paedophilia Allegations made against the club - BBC involved

David Icke has been outed as a member of the exclusive elitist Pagan witchcraft coven known as The Groucho Club (London). The Groucho club has been outed as having a massive Paedophile ring operating in a Groucho Club Forum - The British Police refuse to persue investigationthe mainstream media members of the Groucho Club have removed all News stories about the allegation from their internet 'new...

WW2 Masonic Stage managed event exposed in 1943 archive movie

Occult Forces 1943  The following movie exposes secret Masonic hand signs, hand shakes, and other dark matters including the stage management of ww2. Although in French the movie is an essential watch for anyone interested in breaking Masonic codes.  People involved in the making of this move died in suspicious curcumstances yet the move remains in little known circulation. &nbs...

Grand Master Mason Santa Claus

The following scenes are taken from a 3rd Degree Masonic initiation ceremony.  Grand Master Mason Santa Claus aka Father Christmas aka St. Nicolas aka Zeus (the Devil himself) oversees the Pagan 3rd Degree Masonic initiation at 12.00 the Witching hour.   The Santa Claus figure in the photo above is actually sitting in a Masonic Lodge overseeing the 3rd Degree Masonic initiation.The p...

New Pope is the messenger of the Devil

Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio - Messenger of Mercury the False prophet.  The new pope seen here making the sign of Hermes/Mercury just like the last pope.        Mercury aka Hermes is the Brother of Apollyon aka Alexander the Great.  The murderous god of liars and actors.  Seen here making his hand signal.   Here is his un-holyness Pope Bene...

Islamic UFO Symbol of Apollyon and Seline

The Islamic Star and Crescent symbol is of Apollyon and his sister Seline.       Apollyon the Destroyer is the SUN/STAR god of the Pagans.Seline is the Moon goddess of the Pagans The Star and Crescent symbol is made up of two of the symbols of the children of the False god the Devil himself aka Zeus Left you see the star (Apollyon) and crescent moon (Seline) on a mosqu...

Muhammad Ali the Freemason

Muhammed Ali the Freemason worships Apollyon the Destroyer Masonic Cryptic Message = Spiritual WarfareCassius Clay aka Muhammed Ali pictured with one white man and one black man whispering secrets into his ears as he reads a paper on Psychological Warfare. The word Psychology is made of two Greek words...1. Psyche = Soul/spirit2. Knowledge They are discussing psychological (spiritual)...

Satan's Sun god Guitar

The Acoustic Guitar is built using Satanic Pagan symbolism on the inside and outside Lets take a look both inside and outside the Acoustic Guitar Satan's GuitarFRONT:1. The body is an 8 shape.The 8 on it's side (which is how a guitar is held) is an old symbol for 1000.1000 in Greek is Helius.Helius is one of the names of Apollyon. 2. The middle has a X braceX is Roman for IOIO pro...

David Icke's Mental Health Questioned by his own Doctor

David Icke's Mental Health Questioned by his own family doctor!    Here is a snip from the biography of David Icke - Source Link Click Here     David Icke's family doctor diagnosed psychological problems and wanted to send David Icke for help to a psychologist.   There is no known medical record beyond the one mentioned which would override the one made by...

Satanic Video Games

The video games industry is run by Pagans worshiping RA/Apollyon the SUN god Far Cry 3 = RA RA, RA RA, RA RACode Break...CRY the name of the Sun god (RA/Apollyon 6 times)The Name of the Game is a cryptic anagram based upon reverse speech, numeric position of Alphabet letters and Pagan symbolism of the sun god Apollyon aka RA.F-AR-CRY-3F is the 6th letter of the Alphabet so F = 66 is t...

Stage Managed News! - Knife Maniac at Buckingham Palace

Yet another stage managed ham acted "incident" from the UK "News" media, now using alleged random mobile phone footage from "ordinary people.   Before we proceed please be aware that Buckingham Palace is literally flooded with security cameras yet not a single piece of footage was used from these cameras and instead the whole world's media opted to use the mobile phone footage of a Pagan sh...

There Shall be War! - God sends a message to the Pope

There Shall be War!God Almighty sends a message to the "catholic" Pope and his Pagan Devil worshiping followers The Pope released a "Dove of Peace" from a window in St.Peters Square and the dove was immediately attacked by a seagull trying to kill and eat it (It looks like it did just that!) Miraculous World News Camera workEvery single camera of the worlds press stopped filming the seagull atta...

911 KILL THE AUDIENCE Batman Theatre Shootings linked to British Music Industry Lawyers

911 KILL THE AUDIENCE!Batman Theatre Shootings linked to British Music Industry Lawyers Batman Theatre Shootings linked to British Lawyers (who own and run the UK music industry) Batman Theatre Shootings British music industry theatre shootings "prophecy"   This is Roz Groome (British Barrister and Judge) She is the "Company Secretary" (which means joint Director) of the...

David Icke BBC Paedophile Ring Spokesman

Why did David Icke keep quite about the Paedophile Ring while he was at the BBC ?     David Icke worked for the BBC during the period the BBC admitted that....."There was a Paedophile Ring but now its gone!" According to British News Media the employees at the BBC all admit knowing about the paedophile ring but all of them collectively claim "We were too afraid to say any...

Satanic SHIT Symbol

Pagan Blasphemy Religious Symbols The "IHS" religious symbol below clearly says SHIT backwards This is a symbol found in churches all around the worldIt is "supposed" to be the first three letters of the name of Jesus (IHSeus) but it clearly says SHIT backwards.       Upside down it also spells SHIT (with an inverted cross)   (Credit for notici...

Donate to Planetxtube.com

Donate to PlanetXtube.com    Please Donate via Western Union Money Transfer Western Union Money Transfer You will need this information to send funds via Western Union IBAN number: GB18 NAIA 07011630300091 BIC number: NAIAGB21 Thanks to those who have donated in the past. Thanks to those who helped me get a new PC after the disaster the last one had.Without your help I...

David Icke the IOS SOL SUN of god

David Icke's initials are a secret code for SUN (Apollyon the sun god) David Icke is a very crafty man... His initials are a Greek & Roman letter/number code for...1. SOL which means SUN in Roman&2. IOS - which means SUN in GreekSUN is the name of Apollyon The Destroyer Here is the David Icke Name Code Break... The Sun of godDavid Icke name Code break...David Icke's initials are...

David Icke Shapeshifting Demonstration

David Icke: Green Party Politician - British Government Operative - BBC Employee & Reptilian "expert" David Icke seen in two separate videos with his pupils changing to reptile like slits. These are David Icke's own videos   The Sun of godDavid Icke is a VERY crafty man:  His initials are DITransposing his initials to Roman Numerals they are D = 500 and I = 1 (500 + 1 = 501...

911 and WWII Stage Managed

9II link to World War II and the Olympic Games This is the front cover of the Nazi magazine "DIE WOCHE" (The Week)It hides a simple Greco Roman cryptography proclaiming the name of Apollyon the destroyer 3 timesThe magazine cover is for the 1936 Nazi Summer Olympics which was known as the XI (11) OlympicsThe message reads: The Secret of Satanic Cryptic languageThe Pagan Satanic cry...

Sandy Hook - Satanic Media Stage Management

The latest American School shooting drama has been exposed as an elaborate stage managed event. I will now expose it further as an elaborate PAGAN stage managed event in honour of their "god" Apollyon. I will limit my personal input in this article to the secret sign language used by Pagans in their worship of their Pagan "god" Apollyon. Victim Emillie Parker (in red & black dress) with Pre...

Apollyon Inside The Cave of The Apocalypse - World Exclusive

Sensational New Discovery the Media are too afraid to report!Apollyon inside The Cave of Revelation - World Exclusive!  Never before seen anywhere else!Photos and video footage that have struck the worlds media Deaf and Dumb - They all simply do not want this publicised!Revelation 9:11The locusts had a king over them--the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is 'Abaddon,' while i...

911 Death Code clue from the Beatles

911 Death Code clue from the Beatles This is the cover of the Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club album - It holds a very dark Satanic 911 secret When you hold a mirror in the center of the drum on the album cover it spells out a message in Roman numerals and Greek and English words: 119 HE I DIE     Cryptic Break: Roman numeral word/number puzzleI ONE IX HE I DIEI = 1ONE = 1IX...


The BBC have admitted that "There used to be a pedophile ring in the BBC". So we have an admission of guilt from the BBC themselves. The pedophile ring within the BBC still exists and it is one and the same pedophile ring making red herring statements to escape Justice. The proof that the pedophile ring still exists is in the content of the childrens programs which contain"Gay" pedophile groomi...

Reuters BBC Pagan Pedophile Enablers

Reuters join in the BBC Pedophile scandal using Pagan secret language to communicate their real intentions to other Pagans. Take a look at this photo from Reuters website (about the BBC pedophile Ring)Link to the article here: http://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/10/25/uk-bbc-savile-idUKBRE89N0T320121025 Apollyon the Hero of the BBC Pedophiles I will point out the Ma...

The Devils Taxi Service

Ride with the Apollyon the Destroyers new Black HALO phone app Taxi booking Service in London, England.           This the chosen name for the new phone app for London Black cab bookings. Named directly after HALIOS (Apollyon the Destroyer)   In this advert besides the obvious HAILO (Apollyon) name we also have several X's in the backg...

Man-X Sun god prison UK

The UK prison system is built and run in honour of Apollyon the Destroyer This article covers the Satanic Jurby Prison on the UK's Isle of Man Jurby mixed sex prison - Isle of Man UK The entire design is based upon Apollyon the Destroyer   Please Note:Pagan Devil worshipers use Greek words/letters and Roman numerals in their secret language I will guide you through easily unde...

BBC Lord of The Pedophile Rings

Apollyon: The Lord of The Pedophile RingsThe BBC worship the Devil and his son Apollon the Destroyer! I exposed the BBC as a pedophile Ring in 2005The BBC responded by slandering me as "mentally ill" and "delusional"Read on and do not be decieved by the Pagan child molesting filth at the BBC The circular (Ring) garden at BBC House has a statue of the Beast Apollyon (aka Helios) in the ...

Google Devil Worshipers

Google which owns Youtube and is in turn owned by the shareholders of all the major companies decided to post this celebration of Bram Stoker. Notice that the vampire figure, with his right hand, is making the Eagle Claw hand sign of the False Prophet Mercury Also notice the pyramid and Moon creating the cryptic word AOAO is Apollyon the DestroyerMercury is Apollyon's brother Zeus who is the De...

BBC Satanic Child Abuse

7 years ago and to the present day I have accussed the BBC and its employees of being Pedophiles. Perverts, Criminals, Liars and of working with corrupt Pagan police officers - The BBC responded by slandering me as "delusional"  And guess what!?......The BBC now admit all my allegations are true! The BBC have now admitted that their organisation is full of pedophiles, perverts, flash...

UFC Devil Worship

Anderson Silva the Satanist publicly worships a man After almost being beaten, World champion cage fighter Anderson Silva gets on his knees, lays his championship belt at the the feet of the fighter Chael Sonnen and publicly worships him   Pagans worship one another based upon their level of prowess in whatever they do At 20:28 - Anderson Silva worships at the feet of Ch...

Marilyn Munro the Witch

Marilyn Munro was a Witch (same as everyone else in the main stream media)   Here she is brazenly flaunting the hand sign of Mercury the False prophet The sign of the False prophet Mercury with both hands Again the same sign og the false prophet Mercury/Hermes with her right hand  She took every opportunity to flaunt the fact she was a Pagan Witch honouri...

Statue of Liberty Satanic Message

The Satanic Statue of Liberty The statue of "Liberty" is in honour of the SUN LION APOLLYON (Alexander the Great) The cryptography here is the same GRECO/ROMAN format used by Pagans in their secret languageThe mainframe is Greek words and letters coupled with Roman numerals (which are also letters) using partial reverse languagePagan Witchcraft Reverse Speech: Saying parts of a sentence in reve...

The Pagan Pope - Messenger of Zeus

Pagans screaming for the Pagan Masonic Worshipful Master Pope Benedict Notice the two girls at front of this stage managed photo "opportunity" making the Eagle Claw hand signThe Eagle Claw is the sign of the False prophet Mercury/Hermes the brother of Apollyon the Destroyer   Pope Benedict making the Eagle Claw hand sign of Mercury the Brother of Apollyon the DestroyerMercury is "The messe...

The Beatles - Worshipers of Apollyon

The Beatles - The most famous band in the world. Butchers of children & bi-sexuals - The Beatles The Beatles were used by Paganism as the frontline troops in leading young people into the "Free Love" & drugs trapThey influenced young people all over the world and as a result many followers of Beatles Satanic Musical Pagan propaganda died of drug abuse, developed psychological problems th...

TENACIOUS D - Masonic Apollyon Message

TENACIOUS D - Masonic Apollyon MessageIO, Anti Christ, Devils's Child, SunPagans use a Paralux Greco/Roman secret language code which utilises Roman numerals (which are also letters) and Greek words and letters.  They read these backwards and forwards & and rotate them by angles and also reverse them. It takes many forms including graphics, logos, body language and finger signals. To Paga...

Alex Jones Flying Saucer

Alex Jones, like all Pagans, has a religious fetish for anything to do with flying SUN discs   Alex Jones Daily News uses a UFO Flying SUN disc in the introduction sequence   The Alex Jones Daily News begins with a Flying SUN disc in the foreground   The saucer tilts   The saucer rapidly speeds away   It finally disapears in a flash of light   ...

David Icke Exposed as a SUN LION (Apollyon) worshiper

The Pagan Liar David Icke Exposed as a SUN LION (Apollyon) worshiper Apollyon the Beast & Mercury the False prophetDavid Icke leaning on a Lion (Apollyon/Devil) statue and making the Eagle Claw hand sign of Mercury the False prophetNotice he deliberately posed with "female angels", a Pentagram Star/Sun & other pagan symbols in the background Here is the SUN LION himself Apollyon aka alex...

Masonic Compass Hand Sign Solved!

Masonic Compass hand sign Solved! The hand sign in this sculpture is of Zeus - The Devil himself!Zeus is the father of Apollyon the Destroyer aka Alexander the GreatHere Zeus is signaling the names of his son Apollyon aka Alexander the Great The Sculpture is in the Rockefeller building NY Look at Zeus hands!   This is a definate Pagan/Masonic hand signal   There are so...

Pagan Green Day of Murder for Apollyon

Pagans are planning to openly resurrect the Pagan Green Day of murder & mayhem in honour of Apollyon the Destroyer (The Green "man" himself)   GREEN DAY pop groupListen at 2:52 as they sing HAO repeatedly while the crowd throw up the horned hand sign and other hand signsHAO is Apollon (written in Greek it is XAO which break up as follows: X is a Roman IO pronounced EO, EO is Greek fo...

Pagan Mask Symbolism Exposed

Pagan Mask Symbolism Exposed These masks are from the ancient Greek Amphitheatres.   This mask is used by various internet stalkers - who all use other Pagan signs and symbols on their web pagesThe internet stalkers in question are all Pagans who worship Apollyon and their disgusting behaviour is in honour of the half breed sub human monster Apollyon whom they worship   Here are t...

Great Mysteries Exposed

Great Mysteries Exposed  The "Great Mysteries" of the world are  deception and lies.I Believe that through Faith in the Resurection of Jesus Christ that these so called Mysteries can all be solved through the Grace of God The Father.   God promised that in the end days He would lift the veil of secrecy and He has been true to His Word.   Give me a Great Mystery t...

YouTube A Place for Murder!

DESTROY YOUTUBE!Youtube Has become notorious worldwideYoutube is a place where Pagan stalkers harrass people day & night to the point of violence or suicidePagans worship Apollyon The Destroyer People have been Beaten & Murdered because of Youtube:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-16915557 (external link - opens in new window) YOUTUBE BAN VIDEO EXPOSING NAZII exposed a prolific Yo...

Masonic Car industry Exposed!

Devil Car CryptographyMasonic Car industry Exposed!The Marks of the Beast Apollyon are everywhere - Even on your cars! The Holy Bible says that satan runs the world and all it's tradeThe motor industry is part of satans world tradeThe word "Satan" is singular and plural - It means: The Enemy! Vauxhall logo   Vauxhall Winged Disc = Holy Lion Sun (Holy Lion Apollyon) The Va...

Pamela Geller is a Witch

Pamela Geller is a Witch First of all look carefully at her left handShe is making the Horned Hand Signal (In a very crafty manner) Here is the header of Pamela Geller's website "Atlas Shrugs"             A................................................O S ...AOS is Apollyon Cryptography Break:Look at the title: Atlas Shrugs:The Planet in the m...

Wicca Magick Guard Down

The picture below is hilarious....BUT...it is completely deliberate and in no way accidental David Cameron is the present Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and is already responsible for sending this country to war. What better way for him to portray an air of "innocence" than to play the clown and make you laugh so hard that you let your Guard Down and forget the fact he is a war monger. ...

Satanic Combat Sports

SATANIC COMBAT SPORTSThe "art" of war was taught to man by the fallen Angels leader AzazelAll forms of combat are Satanic   This photograph is of one of my old Jiu Jitsu instructors I liked Mr Robert Clark and I admired his skill very much plus he was an excellent Jiu Jitsu teacher His teaching saved me from injury several times throughout the course of my life To my great disa...

911 Satanic Soccer

Satanic 911 Soccer                                                                                                          &nbs...

Apollyon the destroyer figurehead for Bombing victims

Apollyon the Destroyer statue as Memorial to Victims of Route 30 Bus Bombing, Tavistock Square, Bloomsbury [7/8/06] Complete with the Pagan cryptography of ONE DARK EYEApolyon aka Alexander the great had one light blue eye and one dark eye   by chris constantineYoutube: Gorilla199

Michael Jackson Devil worshiper

Michael Jackson Devil worshiper Pagan devil worshipers use a simple cryptography of Greek letters and Roman numerals   Billy Jean3: 28 Michael Jackson sings HEE HEE HEE (XXX) HEE is the correct Greek pronounciation of the Greek letter X (In English it is incorrectly pronounced as "CHI" The Greek H is the mark known as X In Roman numerals X is IO IO is a word as well as a number and it...

David Icke the scheming bastard

I am declaring WAR on David Icke! One of David Icke's cronies forgot he was on a public forum and exposed David Icke and his Pagansupporters of "successfully" carrying out a well organised coordinated campaign to discredit me.   David Icke is not just Busted again but his cronies are also! For those of you who are unaware: My user name on youtube is Gorilla199 (The post below is talking a...

David Icke Exposed as an illuminati yet again!

David Icke no longer has any cover for his Masonic lies as he once again exposes himself for what he is.   Look at his hand! - David Icke again on a BBC Terry Wogan showThat is the sign of Mercury (aka Hermes) the False prophet from the Book of Revelation   David Icke continues to emphesis the Mercury hand signal even as he sits down and crosses his legsNotice the both Icke and Wog...

apollyon's marijuanna bong

apollyon's marijuanna bong   No I am not joking!   Look at the twist in the neck It forms a slanted line viewed from this side and the other sideThose two opposing slanted lines combine to for an "X"   Now look down the tube - You will see that the neck twist forms a Triangle   Now look at the tube it self - It is an "O" We have the following letters1. X 2. A 3. O   XAO is a na...

Music Industry Witches Coven Exposed

Music Industry Barrister Confesses he and the British Phonographic Industry Ltd are Criminals The evidence I submit in this article is true and backed up by Court Records and all who were present at the Court Case known as "The Crown Vs Wendy Fair and others" which was held at St.Albans Crown Court Hertfordshire England. British Music Industry you are invited to sue me for this article!I will ...

Askyourangels.com Witchcraft and Necromancy

Deceivers trying to make people pray to Angels & Demons instead of God.They offer speaking to the dead, Tarot Reading, spells for making money and praying to Fallen Angels and Demons I went onto Blogtv.com and found these Witches trying to deceive people into Necromancy. As you can see by the conversation on their Blogtv Channel I was kicked out as soon as I exposed the reality of their scam...

Death threat to Pastor by Iran

Death Sentence threat to Christian Pastor for his Belief in Jesus Christ. The Pagan rulers of Iran have imprisoned a Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani and put him under threat of the Death sentence for his Faith in Jesus Christ CLICK PHOTO TO GO TO LINK (his lawyer was also imprisoned for 111 days Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani HELP THIS MAN - In the name of Jesus! Please vis...

The False prophet from the Book of Revelation Revealed

The False prophet from the Book of Revelation is Hermes aka Mercury - the brother of Apollyon the Destroyer The False prophet Revealed - Nibiru Palace part 14

SIEG HEIL = Hail Apollyon the Destroyer

SIG HEIL = Hail Apollyon the Destroyer SIG or SEIG means SUNApollyon The Detroyer, is the Pagan SUN godAdolph Hitler and the Nazi's were well documented Occultists who practiced Wicca Magick Paganism encapsulates Wicca & Druidism, they are one and the same religion, worshiping who we know as the "mythical Greek gods" Unfortunately the so called Greek gods are in fact Nephilim Giants ...

Guantanamo Bay Satanic Prisoner Abuse

Guantanamo Bay Cryptic Satanic Abuse in the name of Apollyon the Destroyer   Look at this photo!   Now look at it again - Do you see the Satanic Cryptography?   Here is the Cryptography Break   This says HOLY SUN - (Apollyon The Destroyer)

False Alien Greys

Apollyon & Zeus - The False Aliens Revelation 9:11 They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon.In Greek the word APOLLYON is pronounced as ABOLAOS ABO-LAOS: The second part of his name "LAOS" (correctely pronounced in Greek) means LION Apollyon/Abolaos amongst his many names is also called "The Lion" (LAOS) The Holy Bible sa...

Youtube are illuminati

Yes good old youtube are illuminati Their shareholder owners are the largest companies in the world And what else would you expect from the biggest business in the world?   YOUTUBE BUSTED There is a secret pictorial cryptography in the name YOUTUBEThe owners of Youtube are pretty smart - But not that smart  Here is a U shaped tube   Here is how we break the ...

3 World Wars in a "vision"

 Albert Pike (33rd Degree Freemason) claimed in 1871 he had a "vision" of 3 world wars Here is the structure of WW3 before it even happens... These are the words of the Pagan Satanist Albert Pike: "The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a...

X Factor Glee Cast Satanists

X Factor & Glee Cast Satanists The whole world's music industry is run by Pagans Their Marks of the Beast are openly displayed in everything they do, including their music choreography Glee Cast Satanists - Watch the Pagan Masonic Hand Signals                The all seeing eye is Apollyon     The eye make up is in the class...

Westbro Baptist Church

Do not trust or support Westbro Baptist Church Westbro Baptist Church is a Pagan set up to try and cause hate towards Jesus Christ and His Children The picture below is from a Westbro Baptist Church "protest" but the symbols they use are Pagan and are for the worship of Apollyon the Destroyer A Cross inside a circle is the Roman numeral for IOOOIOOO in Greek is HELIUS (One of the names of the A...

Insane Demon Posessed Pagan woman being Blasphemous

This is what people who hate God (Pagans) are really like!Demon possessed mental cases It is just like the foul abuse from Pagan filth on youtube which is now a mainstream media cesspit   WARNING THIS VIDEO IS HIGHLY BLASPHEMOUS & OFFENSIVE!You have been warned!- DO NOT WATCH if you do not want to hear this foul woman - she is hurling abuse at Jesus Christ If you love God g...

XXX Adult Industry Exposure

The Porn and sex industry is run and promoted by Pagans   Porn is a Greek word pronounced as BORNI meaning Whore. The porn industry is literally a whore mongering collective which is mostly pagan run but with other ordinary people trying to cash in on the popularity of the porn market. The target market is literally anyone with any interest in sex (and that is almost the entire populati...

IOS - Jews Forced to wear the Sun Disc Mark of the Beast

  Jews forced to wear SUN (IOS) discs - The Mark of the BeastThe Pagan madman Adolph Hitler worshipped the SUN "god" ApollyonWW2 was a Satanic Sacrifice WW2 lasted 6 years 6 million Jews allegedly killed Note: The SUN disc the Jews were forced to wear has 6 sides (See the cryptography break for this below) HALIOS Satanic Holocaust FiguresIn late 1942 the Nazi extermination of Jews began in ea...

Nibiru Palace

Nibiru Palace This is the Nibiru Palace series.This multi part investigation documentary uncovers a wide range of Masonic secret symbolism which pertains to "Aliens" and Nephilim beings at the structure known as Alexandra Palace in Muswell Hill, London England.Since begining my investigations in 2007 I have uncovered sensational evidence of a long standing worldwide Pagan Religious Conspiracy whi...

Pagan Pitchfork Hand Sign

This hand sign is normally refered to as a "Masonic M" but it is very similar to the pitchfork of PoseidonPoseidon is in fact ZEUSZeus, like his son Apollyon the Destroyer has many names David Cameron (present UK Prime Minister) - That hand sign looks very practised (try it!) Tony Blair (previous UK Prime Minister) Tony Blair again - Pitch fork with left hand and Gold Plate (Halo) behind his h...

Pagan Police Association vow to take over The British Police Force using Wicca Magick

This is Andrew Pardy (aka Andy Pardy) - The Founder of The Pagan Police Association  The Pagan Police Association have vowed to take over the British Police force from withinPC Andy Pardy is based at Hemel Hempstead Police Station in HertfordshireNot many of Andy Pardy's photos are on the internet because he has been threatening everyone who uses them with legal actionAs a result of the thre...

BBC Director admits Faking the BBC News

Director of BBC News admits Faking the BBC News. BBC ADMIT STAGE MANAGING THE NEWS! Helen Bowden: "The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing and if you can  FAKE   that you've got it made" Face of Evil: The Pagan Witch Helen Boaden - head of BBC PropagandaThis is the woman responsible for the BBC News - Including the 9:11 "prophecy" where the BBC claimedbuilding 7 fell - 20 mi...


The BBC "Children in need" poster with the illuminati one eye "Children in need" is a simple Pagan capital letter play on words - C.I.N (SIN) The BBC and "BBC Children In Need" (C.I.N/SIN) are Masonic Christians please do not support the "C.I.N" of the BBC The cute Teddy with one eye covered over is the C.I.N mascotCovering one eye is a signal made by all Pagan Witches A cute one eyed teddy take...

BBC sign language tells Deaf children "We F*CK you"

The BBC "Children's program" "Something Special" (SS) is another example of the BBC deliberately using Paedophilic input The main character of the BBC childrens show is Justin Fletcher and his stage persona for the show is Mr Tumble Mr Tumble uses sign language as well as speech in his programMr Tumble tells the children who watch his program, in sign language "I AM FUCKING YOU"!No this is not a...

BBC caught stalking me

THE BBC ARE STALKERS! I caught the BBC stalking me on the internet They made a very simple mistake and as a direct result have exposed themselves as malicious stalkers, liars and slanderers Well done BBC ! Explanation:A few years ago I got inadvertantly caught up in a bit of Pagan jiggery pokery where there was an attempt to criminally prosecute 10 people (IO/EO the name of the SUN/Apollyo...

Satan's Doctrine Exposed by Albert Pike

 Albert PikeFreemason SatanistAlbert Pike had a big mouth, a trait of Paganism exposed in The Holy Bible Jude 1:16, and could not help but brag about himself(Jude 1:16 "These men are grumblers and faultfinders; they follow their own evil desires; they boast about themselves and flatter others for their own advantage".   Albert Pike exposed himself and all Pagans with the following statement...

Is David Icke's son Gay?

Is David Icke's son Gareth icke a Homosexual? From the photos posted by Gareth Icke and his "friends" it seems he may well be very Gay indeed     Gareth Icke photographs himself (in a mirror) having his private parts fondled by another man   Gareth Icke seen here apparently having his genitals fondled by another man &nbs...

Blooding - A Witchcraft Killing Ritual

"Blooding" is a Satanic term used in British Fox Hunting.Photo to right is a man called TJ (a pagan pervert as you will see in this article and attached videos)       "Blooding" occurs when someone attends their first hunt kill, they are ceremoniously smeared on their face with blood from the dead animal. Once the n...

UK TV Devil worshipers

One by one the "celebrities" of the UK Media are being outed as Pagan Devil worshipers   Pagan Witch Tess Daly from the BBC showing off her Pagan finger signals Tess Daly of the Apollyon Devil worshiping BBC Look at her ring: It is a 6 sided SUN (Apollyon)With her right hand she makes the Pagan AO signal of ApollyonWith her left hand she makes the Eagle Claw sign of Mercury ...

David Icke Comedy

This page is just David Icke comedy - A Master Mason Clown David Icke actually called in the "help" of an African Witch Doctor (Credo Matwa) to tell his future by throwing chicken bones   Does David Icke even remotely realise how stupid he and this other idiot Credo Matwa appear? David Icke will not answer to any questions about him being a Freemason, Pagan or a WitchIf he were not would...

Witches Language Exposed.

UVAGUV The Secret Witches Language Explained using two video examples Video 1Title : MONSTERThis video featuring Kanye West shows UVAGUV being used in its true Satanic contextAt 1:15 to 1:27 & 4:38 to 4:46 during the video - You will hear a strange language being sungThe language is known as UVAGUVUVAGUV is Statanic - It has been used as a secret Pagan verbal communication for many yea...

ADEL worships the Beast from Revelation 911

ADELE Worships the Devil: Apollyon/Halios the son of Zeus Song: "Rolling in the deep" At 3:02 ADELE makes the sign of Halios and sings "EO EO EO " (Greek EO means SUN/Halios)           ADELE makes the hand sign of Apollyon (Halios) The Destroyer See next Picture ...

PAY NO TAX LEGALLY Thanks to ex-police officers

PAY NO TAX This Article and video expose the BIGGEST Masonic Tax Scam in the World Thanks to Pagan Ex-Police Officers, Law Court revelations, YOU no longer have to pay any Tax THE VIDEO YOU WILL SEE IN THIS ARTICLE WAS BANNED FROM YOUTUBE ON 4th March 2011 Below is the website of the company known as "F.A.C.T" - It is run by British ex-police OfficersI took this company to court and they admit...

Mad Judge Rules Dreams can be used as evidence

Crazy Crown Court Judge his Honour Judge Stephen Warner rules that Dreams can be used in a Court of Law These are the stories that the BBC hide and never tell Welcome to the ridiculous Circus of a botched trial held at St.Albans Clown Court, Hertfordshire.  EnglandThe story of the case of The Crown Vs Wendy Fair and others" Featuring:his Honour Judge Stephen WarnerProsecutor for the Crown ...

Operation Malone petrol bombing was rehearsed - Plus new video of "bomber" caught and released by his friends

  Operation Malone is the name of the investigation into an alleged petrol bombing in London 80 Scotland yard Detectives - 15 working full time - Plus the Entire UK News Media, lead by the BBC, have not been able to solve this casedespite working on it for 3 months, since 10th November 2010 I solve the mystery of this "Bombing" for the the BBC & The Police at Scotland Ya...


NASA GAY SEX IN SPACE SCANDAL  Believe it or not this diagram is from NASA Look at the capsule and you will see it is a pyramid with a detachable top - illuminati symbolismNow look at the position of the astronaut drawings in their diagramIt is of two Homosexual Sodomy positions These diagrams are far too obvious to have been simply overlooked by NASA personel Capsule is a capp...

The Apollo (Halios) Moon Landing lie

The Moon landings were faked for Apollyon The Destroyer Apollyon (Halios) is on the Apollo 17 Insignia There is also an outline of an EagleThe Eagle is the messenger of the gods - Mercury the brother of Apollyon is known as the Eagle and Messenger of ZEUSZeus is the father of Apollyon The Destroyer and Mercury The False prophet and is the "king of the gods" NASA was filled with Nazi scientists a...

Rihanna Umbrella - Worshiping HALIOS/Apollyon The Beast from Rev 9.11

  Rihanna worshipping The Destroyer Apollyon (Halios) Rihanna song: Umbrella - Pagan Satanic worship of Apollyon (HALIOS) the "sun god", The Beast from Revelation 9:11 Rihanna is playing the "bad girl" (The Great Whore of Babylon) and invites you to join her by singing "Come into me"The umberella is the worldwide secret society of Paganism/Freemasonry        ...

Devil Worshipers run the music Industry

Devil Worshipers run the music Industry Cranberries video exposes organised Pagan witchcraft in the British army and the Irish terrorist groups   Photo above shows the British Army in Northern Ireland sporting the 666 number of Apollyon/Halios the Beast from the Book of Revelation PLEASE NOTE: HALF THIS ARTICLE WAS DESTROYED IN AN ILLEGAL HACKING ATTACK ON THIS WEBSITE...

David Icke Exposed as an illuminati Witch

David Icke literally Exposes himself in every way! In this ongoing article I take Mr David Icke to pieces using his own words and other evidence against him confirming that he is of the Pagan faith and a high ranking illuminati Witch and Masonic Worshipful Master This article contains evidential video, photo's and text all confirming that David Icke is a Pagan - Pagans by their own admissio...

400 Witches Exposed

Over 400 Pagan Witches exposed in HALIOS (Apollyon) experiment Meet Phil Mason (Yes his name is MASON) - He is the one on the bed dressed in pink!  He is well known on youtube as a Pagan preacher known as "Thunderf00t"Philip "Thunderf00t" MASON is well known on youtube amongst the Christian hating internet stalkers who follow and admire him as a leader in their vendetta against God and ...

The Time Warp - Satanic Choreography from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Show Cryptic Message   Lets do the HORUS warp!!!!!!!   The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been hailed a "Cult Movie" and this is in fact what it is - A Cult movie The whole movie is a Cryptic Pagan worship of Apollyon (aka Halios) The Destroyer (Revelation 9:11 & 13:11) This song & dance routine "The Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is fu...

Beyonce Satanic Choreography - Put a Ring on it

BEYONCE WORSHIPS APOLLYON THE DESTROYER (HALIOS) HALIOS aka Apollyon The Destroyer 1. The two dancers legs and bodies form an.....H2. Beyonces legs & the dancers arms form an.. A3. The dancers arms form two L's.................. L   (also upper and lower case "L l" as an "i")......l4. They are all standing in a Sun circle............O5. Beyonce makes the winged Serpe...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - More worship of The Destroyer

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows - or should we say Deathly HALIOS (suns)More main stream media promotion of the Pagan Sun god Apollyon (aka Halios) Look at the centre of this picture - It is a SUN and it has two extensions of flame on either side, Just like NIBIRU (Planet X)  There is a SUN (Halios) directly in the centre of the photo -  like the shape of the planet Nibiru <O...

Empire of the Sun (HALIOS)

  Satanic Sun god worship in pop music Empire of the Sun - Empire of Apollyon The DestroyerThe song says: We are the people that rule the world(pop music band)  Proclaiming the Empre of HALIOS on Earth both in their band title and this song The lead singer even wears a SUN (HALIOS) Ray head dress - Another photo his is depicted as an Angel  Pagan witchcraft practitioners openly ...

Planetxtube Mission

  PlanetXtube Mission Investigation and solving of Masonic secret signs and Symbolism   New articles will be posted regularly

Hitler the Pagan Sun god worshiper and the catholic church

  Adolph Hitler was a Pagan - Nazi Germany was a Pagan Nation Pagans worship HALIOS aka Apollyon The Destroyer Here is what Hitler said on 27th February 1942 "I shall never come to terms with the Christian lie, Our epoch will certainly see the end of the disease of Christianity."   Nazis and their fellow Apollyon worshipers the Catholic Church of Satan Adolph Hitler seen here making th...

Smiley Face - The Sun Disc of the Destroyer

  Freemason Ceremony Exposes the Smiley Face Logo as Sun god worshipThe Smiley Face is a SUN DISCThe Sun disc is the Face of the Destroyer (Apollon aka Halios)   The Pagan Devil Worshiper David Icke uses the Apollyon smily face to begin his show             One more Masonic Sun god secret outed...

BBC Paedophilia Grooming in Childrens Programs

Hows this for perverted - Courtesy of the BBCSHAME ON YOU BBC !  Download these videos while you still can & keep copies As seen on BBC TV 1. Penis banana                             2. BBC Dirty Little Secret - Sexually suggestive terms used in BBC childrens programs ...

BBC Teletubbies Sun God Worship

  BBC Teletubbies worship The BeastThe Teletubbies have a LIVING SUN (a Halios) in their garden HELIOS who is also called APOLLYION the Beast from the Pit (Revelation 9:11) And look what the Teletubbies have on their heads   WATCH THIS VIDEO about E-O and the TeletubbiesDO YOUR CHILDREN SAY E-O ?  

Beyonce HALO - Satanic worship

  Beyonce sings a love song to The Destroyer Apollyon Apollyon is also known as HALIOS the sun god Apollyon (Halios) is the Beast from the Book of Revelation 9:11 & Revelation 13:11 - He is The Pagan's "Sun god"   00.43 Standing in the light of your HALO-O-O I got my ANGEL now OOO (3 HALOS) is used by the Pagans (who Goad Almighty calls murdere...

When The Wheels Come Down - Sun Disc worship

 "Foo Fighters" was the name given to Adolph Hitler's Top Secret military flying disc program Adolph Hitler was a Pagan - Just like the members of this band and every other mainstream media promoted band and "artist"  The "Foo Fighters"  have named themselves after Hitlers flying disc program and this song is called "When The Wheels Come Down"    ...

666 Solved - HALIOS is the Beast From The Pit

  WORLDWIDE NEWS EXCLUSIVE ! HALIOS is the secret name of the Beast From The Pit:Revelation 9:11 They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon. Revelation 13:11 Then I saw another beast, coming out of the earth. He had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon. Historical records show that Alexander The Great was deformed...

Who am I ?

My name is Chris ConstantineI exposed the BBC as a Masonic Paedophile Ring in 2006 - SIX years before anyone else did!I discovered the face of Apollyon The Destroyer carved in the rock in the Cave of the ApocalypseI broke the 666 (DCLXVI) code and exposed the name hidden in it as HALIOS (aka Apollyon The Destroyer)I have exposed many Pagan Witchcraft secrets and the Mainstream News Media (Particul...

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David Icke Exposed as an illuminati Witch

David Icke literally Exposes himself in every way!

In this ongoing article I take Mr David Icke to pieces using his own words and other evidence against him confirming that he is of the Pagan faith and a high ranking illuminati Witch and Masonic Worshipful Master

This article contains evidential video, photo's and text all confirming that David Icke is a Pagan - Pagans by their own admission worship HALIOS/Apollyon the "Sun god Beast"


Right:  David Icke Making the Masonic one eye signal

Left: David Icke's 2nd wife Pamela Leigh Richards Icke making a Masonic eye signal

The Masonic "one eye" signal is part of the Pagan witchcraft religion

Pagans worship Apollyon
Apollyon The Beast from The Book of Revelation (9:11 & 13:11)
Apollyon was also known as Alexander The Great

Historical Records show that Alexander the Great has two different coloured eyes - One as dark as the night and one as blue as the sky, a harsh voice and that he was deformed - He had two horns on his head

Revelation 13:11 confirms that Alexander The Great is therefore the same person as Apollyon/Halios


Neil Hague - David Icke's book cover/s designer


Neil Hague also like to hide one eye


Snap shot taken from Neil Hague's Facebook Profile page


The Beast
Watch this video to understand who The Beast is and why the Pagans hide one eye 




David Icke's forum confirm this is David Icke
Here is the forum link:
http://www.davidicke.com/ forum/showthread



This is an authentic nude photograph of David Ick.
The photo was taken as a model for the painting on the cover of David Icke's book titled "I am me, I am free"
This photograph confirms what you are about to see hidden in plain view on Mr Icke's book cover is not an accident.


Before we move on:

Please Note: David Icke once infamously claimed he was "the son of god" (the inference being he was Jesus Christ)..

However, David Icke was not actually talking about Jesus Christ when he said that

David Icke was in fact infering himself to be a son of ZEUS (Satan)

Zeus is confirmed in in The Book of Revelation as being Satan himself

Revelation 2:13 says: "I know where you live, where Satan has his throne"

The throne (alter) of ZEUS was in Pergumum (part of Eastern Greece - Now part of modern western Turkey)
(The alter still exist and is now housed in Germany at the Pergamum Museum)


Zeus is the father of Apollyon (HALIOS) The Destroyer Revelation 9:11 and Revelation 13:11


Note: David Ickes Book cover is titled: "I am me, I am free"
The name "I AM" is the name God calls Himself in the Holy Bible

Mr David Icke's book cover name therefore implies that David Icke is god and that he also free of God.

"I am me" infering "I am god"
"I am free" infering David Icke is "Free of God"




Aleister Crowley's Book of Lies - Features the SUN/HALIOS in the largest and most prominent Front cover position


The same applies with David Icke's "I AM ME I AM FREE" cover - The entire front cover is a mass of sunlight & rays



Note the SUN Rays eminating from David Icke's head just like Apollyon/Halios (The son of Zeus)





David Icke the Encoder

The "CENSORED" sign is an Anagram of: ENCODERS (and SECOND RE = 2nd Sun/Halios god)

Encoders are people who make up secret sign languages

The illuminati make up secret sign languages

On the left side of David Icke there is a person with an elongated head, just like many Nephilim skulls.

On the right side of the book cover there is an Indian Spirit Guide (a Demon)
Demons are the cursed evil spirits (souls) of the dead Nephilim

David Ickes first wife was a Necromancer/Psychic, she spoke to the dead


The Indian Chief's head dress of feathers is also the same as HALIOS sun rays around his head


The person with the elongated head next to David Icke on his book cover is OSIRIS


Osiris is depicted on ancient wall paintings as a Green skinned giant (more about Osiris further on in the article)


The Devil, his Messenger & David Icke


Look at both of David Icke's hands
Right hand making the "M" hand sign which is the sign made by Mercury (aka Hermes The Eagle Messenger of the gods)
the left with fingers splayed out


Also there are two Greco roman figures next to his head


Below Icke is a painting of The Devil (ZEUS) making exactly the same signs with both hands

Note: Both the painting of The Devil (Zeus) and the David Icke book cover have a SUN/Halios at the top

The Pope and Tony Blair make the same hand signs


Look at the shapes made by both their hands



The Devil (Zeus)


Look at the shapes made by both his hands


The Right hands all make the sign of Mercury The False Prophet (Messenger of the gods)

Matrix pose of zeus - 1

NEO makes the hand sign of Hermes/Mercury
Look at his left hand.
Even David Icke's favourite catch phrase movie titled 'The Matrix' is full of Pagan Masonic witchcraft and their hand signs.


The False Jesus

Look at the hand signs of this "jesus" depiction from a movie, the left hand is making the Masonic "M" hand sign which is the sign of Mercury who is the False prophet from the Book of Revelation.


Same hand sign as David "jesus/Apollyon" Icke

 Masonic Hand Signs - The False Prophet Mercury

Watch this video to understand the meaning of the Apollyon / Zeus "M" hand sign



David Icke and the pose of Zeus


Here is Mr David Icke, by his own admission, sitting in a Grand Master Masons Throne with his Right hand making the "M" sign of Mercury the False prophet


You can see and hear Mr David Icke admitting this in the video below


David Icke - The Encoder takes the Grand Master Masons Chair
David Icke foolishly admits that a photograph of a man sitting in a Grand Master Freemasons Throne is actually him

He can be seen in the photo, yet again, making the "ZEUS" posture with both of his arms
I also decode some more of Mr David Ickes Pagan encoding








Compare the finger signal to that made by Adolph Hitler with the finger signal made by David Icke (The Zeus?Halios worshiper)

(Hitler was a Pagan and the Nazi Party were/are practitioners of the occult)

Hitler was also a Freemason "worshipful Master" and it is a historic fact that Adolph Hitler was worshiped with prayers.

Many Pagan German children were made to pray to Adolph Hitler

This Pagan worship placed Adolph Hitler blasphemiously "above" God Almighty


David Icke rips off Jesus Christ's exposure of the Reptilians
Not only has this blaspheming Pagan claimed he is Jesus Christ but he has also hijacked Jesus Christ's Parable concerning Reptilians
Yes that is correct! - Jesus Christ warned us in the Holy Bible 2000 years ago about Reptilians who look like humans
Here is Jesus Christ's Parable of the Wheat and the Tares (Humans and Reptilians)

David Icke is a thief who has stolen the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares directly from God Himself Jesus Christ, warped it, and claimed it as his own
Counterfeit humans are real but it is Jesus Christ who told us about them - Not David Icke!
Jesus Christ is The Truth!
David Icke is a liar, simple as that!

David Icke Eyes Shape Shift - Caught on TWO different videos!!

David Icke: Green Party Politician - British Government Operative - BBC Employee & Reptilian "expert".  David Icke seen in two separate videos with his pupils changing to reptile like slits.

These are David Icke's own videos


Apollyon's trade mark pose

David Icke Apollyon pose



Another interesting aspect of one of these videos is that David Icke pauses (video 1:59) while speaking about reptilians and strikes a peculiar pose of of twisting his neck and looking upwards
This is a Masonic pose which can be seen in old painting and even modern photographs of world leaders and "Great men" and the king of the this world's "Great men" is Apollyon the god of the Pagan Witches, the Nephilim and reptilian tares - Seen here in his most common lofty pose.  The Pagans mimic this pose in honour of Apollyon.



The Devil Zeus and the False prophet Mercury hand signals

Here is David Icke' second Ex-wife Pamela Leigh Richards

She is also making the exact same hand signs as The Devil & David Icke

Right hand making the "M" Mercury (the False prophet) hand shape

Again there is that "Pose of Zeus" posture with the arms







Pagan secret society devil worshipers
All  the people in this combo of "Great works of art" are making the same hand sign
as ZEUS, Apollyon, Mercury, Adolph Hitler and Mr David Icke


Apollyon the "god" of David Icke and all other Pagans

This is Apollyon/Halios The Destroyer - The son of Zeus

Apollyon also makes the same hand signals as Zeus, Mercury, David Icke etc

The reason is because Pagans worship Apollyon and Zeus and their hand signs/signals are all formated from letters and numbers from the many names of The Destroyer


There are 3 references to the SUN/HALIOS on this book cover



1. Top there is a SUN/Halios

2. "I AM" is the name of God Almighty
    (as in "I AM God & I Am Free of God)

3. Sun rays from David Icke's head (Just Like Halios/Apollyon)

4. Both David Icke's hands make exactly the same signals as Zeus
    (Zeus is the Devil himself) The RIght hand sign is the sign of Mercury the Messenger of the gods

5. Left & right: 3 swirls look like 666
   (666 The cryptic name of Halios in Roman numerals DCLXVI)

6. Two Greco/Roman style figures stand behind David Icke

7. Right an Indian spirit "guide" A Demon
   (Demons are the souls of dead Nephilim - Book of Enoch Chapter 15:8)

8. Left a figure of Osiris, also depicted as a spirit
   (Osiris was a Nephilim therefore his spirit is a Demon)

9. CENSORED is an anagram of "Encoders" and also "Second Re"
"RE" & "RA" mean EVIL. Both are also names of the sun god Halios
     Second RE means: 2nd " Sun god"

10. The flames behind David Icke seem to form wings of fire
      ("Angel" wings)

11. A serpent on the Earth
     (Mr Icke and the one on the ground between his legs)

12. Icke featured as a Giant standing both on the Earth and in the sea
      This is clearly a depiction from The Holy Bible


Fallen_Angel Icke has claimed he is an Angel   
By claiming he is a Angel David Icke has by his own words identified himself as a reptilian tare. 

A Tare is a replicant humanoid half Angel Half human perfect counterfeit of mankind

The Holy Bible makes it very clear that any half man half Angel is an Abomination

See the video below of the Bible reference of Jesus Christ's Parable of "The Wheat and The Tares

Remember it is David Icke himself who claimed he is an "angel"


Eye to Eye


Here is David Icke and his 2nd ex-wife Pamela Leigh Richards Icke both making Masonic eye signals


This is directly attributable to Apollyon The Destroyer aka Alexander The Great having one dark eye and one light coloured eye


Pamela Leigh Richards - (David Icke's second ex-wife)


She continually makes Masonic signals with her eyes, fingers, hands and arms


See her manic constant Masonic signaling for yourselves on her youtube channel






David Icke's son (Gareth Icke) makes all the same hand signals as David Icke and Pamela Leigh Richards





Gareth Icke and Aleister Crowley make the same hand signal


The Company of Witches


David Icke and his ex-wives have much in common with other Media celebrities


They all worship the beast


They all cover one eye


Pamela Leigh Richards website is headed by a quote from the infamous Pagan Satanist Aleisteir Crowley

It reads:
"Magic is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will"


See it for yourselves on her website blog here:






Here is another hand sign (Masonic handshake) from one of Pamela's "Pagan art" youtube Videos



David Icke and ex wife Pamela Leigh Richards together


Pamela makes a very familiar Masonic finger sign (666)


David Icke refuses to comment on any evidence of of him or his ex-wives being a witch even though both ex-wives have clearly admitted it


You can watch Pamela performing witchcraft rituals (for "peace") and her non-stop Masonic signaling on her youtube channel:



David Icke's first ex-wife was a Necromancer - She spoke to the dead

Pamela openly performs witchcraft rituals on youtube and uses Masonic signs


Pamela Leigh Richard's own video of herself performing Witchcraft Magic (for peace)

She makes the clip in the middle of a thunder storm - Zeus is The "god" of thunder and lightning

Pamela Leigh Richards behaviour is obviously a constant part of her life and it is again obvious that Mr David Icke would have seen this witchcraft behaviour prior and during their marriage.

David Icke also knew full well that his first wife made a living by witchcraft because she is a professional Necromancer/Psychic
Necromancers/Psychics speak to the spirits of the dead




David Icke and Pamela (The Witch) Leigh Richards both make exactly the same Masonic hand and arm signals


If you watch some of Pamela's videos and compare her movements to those of David Icke you will see they are a exactly the same

David Icke The Pagan Green Man
David Icke portrays himself as GREEN on his website
Witches, Giants and "Aliens" are portrayed as Green
The GREEN Earth on Icke's website shows Green Giants and Green smaller People
The portrail of the Earth also appears as a cryptic GREEN SUN using the Green people and Giants as Sun (Halios) rays


The Green Witch, Green Giant & Green Man



GREEN MAN symbolism is from WICCA (Pagan cult also known as "The Witchcraft") here on this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Man





David Icke's GREEN "MAN"
Osiris (a Nephilim Giant) was often depicted as GREEN

The Nephilim are the "gods" of the Pagans (Pagans practice Witchcraft)


Osiris is on David Icke's "I AM ME - I AM FREE" book cover

The Witch Doctor's GREEN MAN

Credo Matwa (The Witch Doctor) in an interview about "aliens" has an interesting backdrop

A Sun above his head and a GREEN being floating in the sky

The "being" could have been any colour but Credo chose the Pagan Witches favourite GREEN
Green goes well with the colour of the Pagan Nephilim "god" OSIRIS


You can watch the interview on this youtube link (I must warn you, the video is terribly tedious)



GREEN MAN from the Pagans Imbolc festival


Pagans by their own self admission practice Witchcraft and worship HALIOS (Apollyon the Destroyer)


Halios (Apollyon) is adored by the Pagans who by their own self admission hold orgies in his honour



Pagan mural of Aleister Crowley with a GREEN face and a SUN burning behind his head




The Green SUN Policeman
Even the British police force have a Pagan Association and just like David Icke and Aleister crowley's followers they use the Green Man also and have openly vowed to take over the British Police force from within, using Wicca Magick

See the article about the British Devil worshipng Police here:




"The Matrix": One of David Icke's favourite catch phrases - from a movie of course

The Matrix movie is about a character called NEO

NEO is a reversal of the word EON - EON is Greek, it means SUN/Halios

The marketing theme for the movie is GREEN (Witches favourite colour)

The movie was made by Pagans in honour of Apollyon

Photos at Left to Right -Top to bottom
1. Green theme with NEO at the top
    NEO is Greek it means NEW
    Reversed it reads EON which is Greek for SUN
    Meaning: "NEW SUN" or "RISING SUN" (The return of Apollyon)

2. Green theme: NEO seen running with a HALO around his head
    HALO is a name of HALIOS

3. NEO makes the XAO (HAO) hand sign
    This was used by American Indians and is used by Masons to this day
    HAO means "Do as thou will"
    XAO is also cryptic for "AO IO" (AO EO)

4. NEO fights a man in black (and white)

    Their arm cross to form an "X"
     X is Roman numeral for IO
    IO is letters as well as numbers and can be read as a word: IO
    IO in Greek is Pronounced "EO" which is Greek and means SUN/Halios

5. NEO makes towo Masonic hand signs

6. NEO makes another Masonic hand sign

7. Neo makes another Masonic hand sign

8. Red or Blue pill - Both colour are primary in Masonry


Matrix pose of zeus - 1

With his left hand NEO (EON/SUN) makes the Eagle Claw hand sign of Mercury/Hermes the False prophet (the son of Zeus)

Matrix Reptilians hand signals Neo (Eon/Sun) makes the double horns sign


Green is a very important symbolic colour for Pagans

Here is the illuminati Witch known as Lian Gallagher posing with a Green logo on his T-shirt

Turn the Green logo upside down and it says 666



GREEN SUN RAYS engulf the GREEN David Icke
Left: The Matrix movie
Right: The David Icke show

The Matrix movie is completely Masonic

Mr David Icke's postures and signals and colours match the movie because both David Icke and the Matrix move are Pagan

The open Fingers Hand Sign
This hand sign is Greek
It is known as the "Moutsa"
It means: "GO TO HELL 5 TIMES"
Double handed it means "Go to Hell IO times"
IO (EO) is Greek for SUN
So double handed it is telling you to: Go to hell in the name of IO/Apollyon



The Green Faced Sphinx


David Icke's son Gareth Icke seen here depicted as a living Sphinx with a GREEN face


The Sphinx abomination was a mixture of half human half lion


I believe these Abominations were breed to honour Apollyon the Destroyer because he was know as "THE LION" (Greek: LAOS)


The Greek word for Lion is LAOS


The Greek pronounciation of the name APPOLLYON is "ABO-LAOS"

Alexander the Great aka Apollyon the SUN LION

Apollyon the Lion

Here is AB-LAOS aka Apollyon the Destroyer

He is the king of the Locusts from the pit and the "god" of the Pagans

He is seen here wearing a full grown Lion head dress in honour of himself

Both Daid Icke and his son Gareth icke seem to have a thing about lions


The Pagan Liar David Icke Exposed as a SUN LION (Apollyon) worshiper


Apollyon the Beast & Mercury the False prophet
David Icke leaning on a Lion (Apollyon/Devil) statue and making the Eagle Claw hand sign of Mercury the False prophet
Notice he deliberately posed with "female angels", a Pentagram Star/Sun & other pagan symbols in the background
Lion Devil Obsessed Dacid Icke



Below: The poster David Icke used for his German show tour


David Icke star lion poster


The poster shows a lion (Apollyon/Devil) with Suns for eyes and a 6 pointed Star (Sun) on the lion's forehead.

So the poster has 3 Suns and therefore says: SUN SUN SUN

Sun is a name of Apollyon the Destroyer, the Pagan Sun god who is the Beast from the Book of Revelation

The Sun is one of the Beast's marks and the Holy Bible describes Satan as a Lion.

The lion (Devil) on David Ickes show poster has the mark of the Beast on it's forehead
David Icke will not give a straight answer to any questions about this.

David Icke no longer has to give any answer because he is completely BUSTED!

David Icke worships the Devil!


Independant video exposing David Ickes Pagan deceptions
3:24 of this video you will see this poster
7:15 of this videoDavid Icke is questioned about this poster but he evades any straight answer

I am not the maker of this video

The Pagans have even used the Greek language to hide the name SUN LION in the calendar...
The Greek word for JULY is IO-LIOS
IO Means SUN
JULY is a cryptic name for SUN LION (Apollyon the Destroyer - The Pagan's SUN god)


David Icke with his collection of LION/APOLLYON pictures
David Ickes points at the painting by the illuminati witch Neil Hague which is on David Icke's book cover
called "The LION Sleeps no more - Human race get off your knees"
The LION is Apollyon (The king of the Beasts - Beast is a Nephilim)
Ickes Lion House 0


David Icke says on video that every night he sits in his chair and talks to this painting
He says: "I speak to my LION" (I speak to my Apollyon)


Ickes Lion House 1


David Icke's tour poster takes the story deeper into Icke's "Rabbit Hole Matrix" by adding rays
to the SUN eyes of the LION (Apollyon) and further adding a STAR/SUN on the forehead.
The SUN symbol is a Mark of the Beast (Apollyon)


David Icke star lion poster


David Icke says his grand daughter painted him this picture of a LION (Apollyon king of the Beasts/Nephilim)


Ickes Lion House 3


David Icke has a thing for a LION (Apollyon the Destroyer)


Ickes Lion House 4


David Icke also likes to keep an OWL which is "coincidentally" dressed in Black & White

Ickes Lion House 5


David Icke points at: "My Favourite picture"


Ickes Lion House 6


David Icke's FAVOURITE picture is of a LION standing in the SUN - A SUN LION (Apollyon the Destroyer)


Ickes Lion House 8


David Icke even quotes from the writing beneath the SUN LION


Ickes Lion House 9


Here is the video the stills were taken from so you can hear David Icke expose himself with
his own words as a Pagan SUN LION (Apollyon) worshiper
- His house is full of Lion themed items

The video is a tour of one of the properties owned by millionaire publisher David Icke (which he "humbly" calls "My flat")
I did not make this video


If you like you may also notice that in the video David Icke has forgotten he is supposed to have restricted hand
movement due to arthritis (particularly with his left hand)


David Icke loves THE SUN LION: Apollyon aka Alexander the Great who is the Pagan SUN god


Lion Devil Obsessed Dacid Icke



The Pagans festivals are a self admission of Halios worship, Witchcraft and sexual perversion


David Icke admits using Witchcraft

I openly accused David Icke of being a Witch
His response was to consult a Witch doctor (Mr Credo Matwa) to perform Magic, by throwing chicken bones to "prophecy" his future
David Icke continually refers to The Witch Doctor Credo Matwa as: "A great man"




David Icke admits using Voo Doo Witchcraft


David Icke admitted on his website www.davidicke.com that he consulting a Witch Doctor (Mr Credo Matwa) to perform a "Prophetic chicken bone throwing ritual"

Mr David Icke further admitted in the same article on his website that chicken bone throwing is the same as (Magical) Pagan Rune Stones

Witch Doctor Credo Matwa has an Eagle on his walking staff
The Eagle is a symbol of Zeus

David Icke himself has said that Credo Matwa has been a Secret Society member
If this is so then Credo Matwa is STILL a Secret Society member

Secret Societies are as described by the Pagan band "The Eagles" in their song Hotel California "You can NEVER leave!"


What Credo the Witch Matwa wears around his neck

To the right - He has a SUN/Halios

To the left he has a skull

Beneath he has a man in a crucifixion (or Zeus) Pose, upside down like an inverted cross

Beneath to the right he has the Egyptian Ankh

Finally, behind the upside down man he has the following

1. A Pagan Cross (Roman numeral IOOO - Greek for IOOO is HELIUS)

2. The Pagan Cross has TWO smaller crosses attached to it.
An "X" or "+" is a Roman numeral for IO
IO pronounced "EO" - EO is Greek for SUN/Halios

Credo's Pagan Cross Decodes as EO EO HELIUS


Credo Matwa is a Pagan - Just like David Ick

Definition of Sanusi


David Icke calls Credo Matwa "The great Sanusi"

Look at the definition of the word "Sanusi" at left

Youtube hosted Video of David icke saying this here:
(this link is external)


The Senussi or Sanusi are a "Orthodox" Muslim "Brotherhood" (Masons) who use militant aggressiveness to attain political goals


Credo Matwa by his own self description, uses of pagan symbolism and the words of David icke, is therefore a "Pagan Orthodox Muslim Witch Doctor who is a member of an extreme muslim "Brotherhood/Masonic" group who use militant aggressiveness in persuance of political goals"


Credo Matwa now sounds like what he really is: A Pagan Politician

David Icke was once in the UK's Political "Green Party" so David Icke is also a Politician


Watch this video to understand the meaning of the Pagan Cross




Icke & Matwa SUN/HALIOS worship


Here is Credo (The Witch Doctor) Matwa pictured with a SUN shining behind him


Sun symbolism is Pagan worship of Apollyon the "Sun god"


Here is David Icke with a sun/Halios effect shining behind him also


This photo is no accident, it was professionally shot as you can see by the photographers copyright mark at the bottom.

David Icke uses the Masonic Sun Disc to start a show
The "Smiley Face Sun" is a Masonic symbol and it is used on some Freemason uniforms, as shown in this video




Witches support David Icke with Advertising Revenue

 These are a couple of David Icke's advertisers from his website www.davidicke.com


Both adverts are for Pagan Witchcraft related services


The advert on the left is for a NUMEROLOGY service (Numerology is Pagan Witchcraft)


The advert on the right is for a "Psychic" Psychics are Necromancers - Necromancers speak to the dead - Just like David Icke's first ex-wife does




Are David Icke and John D Rockefeller Related?

There is an astonishing resemblance between the two of them




Project Lie a Lot

Bill and Kerry from Project Camelot

Caught on video exchanging Masonic handshakes with Mr David Icke

David Icke uses the "excuse" that the masonic hand shakes were somehow accidental and coincidential due to him having arthritis, but Bill and Kerry and Zeus and the figures in Geco Roman statues and great paintings do not have arthritis yet make the same signals as Mr David Icke

I was contacted by Kerry on my youtube channel making excuses and I offered her and Bill a live internet debate on this and other matters

Kerry and Bill have since gone completely silent
Same as David Icke did after I challenged him to a live internet debate


Above: the Masonic "M" with both hands
 Above: fingers no problem closing together
Notice the "incidental" windmill X on the lamp


Mr Icke splaying his fingers on his right hand







David Icke Caught Lying About his Arthritis


As you can see David Icke can do the following with his hands


1. Make the Masonic "M" (with both hands)



2. Close his fingers together



3. Bend all fingers on both hands at the knuckle joints


4. Splay the fingers on his left hand (from his nude photo and book cover)



5. Make "accidental" Masonic hand shakes, and "incidentally" the person/s he is shaking hands with make the same Masonic hand shake/s back



6. Articulate both his thumbs - (Photos in the gallery below)

7. Splay open all the fingers on his right hand also



Mr David Icke it appears has been "Milking" the low level of articulation disability from his arthritis in order to cover up for his Masonic signaling and Masonic hand shakes.


By analysing Mr Icke's hand movement abilities it is clear to see that his left hand and fingers are not impeded in their movement in any way.

Mr Icke's right hand articulation is not anywhere as near as bad as described by Mr Icke himself because he has despite the fact he has arthritis it is clear from the photos and from his many videos that he can articulate the right hand very well


The only sign of obvious arthritis is the "normal" relaxed position of Mr Icke's right hand which makes 4 of his fingers slope sideways to the natural relaxed position of a normal hand - This causes a separation of those 4 fingers in relation to the forefinger (as seen in the photo of him and his  2nd ex-wife Pamela Leigh Richards - As seen below 


Every other finger/hand movement made by Mr Icke, with his right hand, is clearly deliberate and purposeful

Just compare the difference between the photo on the left and on the right




Right hand
Mr Icke can make the same hand sign as Apollyon The Destroyer



David Icke's Right hand and fingers - Normal position

Mr David Icke made a big mistake by claiming his Masonic hand shakes with Bill & Kerry (from Project Camelote) were "accidental" because that in turn drew my attention to him moving his fingers on both hands very articulately on even his most recent videos.

Mr Icke cannot possibly deny what he himself has clearly demonstrated on many different old and recent videos - He can move, shape and bend all his fingers on both hands very well indeed.

The only obvious sign of arthritis is on his right hand when it is in the natural rest position





Here Mr Icke is able to make the Masonic "M" and slip his two middle fingers into his pocket also



He does not appear in any way uncomfortable posing for this photograph with his fingers  like that



The hand gesture with the two middle fingers out of view in the pocket makes the hand sign of Mercury

Mercury aka Hermes is the brother of Apollyon the destroyer

Mercury is the False prophet from the Book of Revelation




Credit for this photo being bought to my attention goes to youtube user matrixxxbrasil

David Icke's finger position here is the hand sign of Mercury (the brother of Apollyon the destroyer)
Mercury aka Hermes is The false prophet from the Book of Revelation


Gallery of David Icke Hand & finger Movement Abilities






David Icke making the Goat Hoof hand sign
David Icke Goats Hoof hand sign

David Icke, with both hands, makes the Eagle Claw hand sign of Mercury the False prophet (The brother of Apollyon)
Also notice he has deliberately posed in this video still next to his favourite Apollyon symbol of a LION
David Icke Mercury Mercury

In all these photos, both historic and recent, it is clear that David Icke has far more movement in his hands than he infers when using sympathy to cover up for his Pagan signaling


David Icke XXX


Left is a snapshot of David Ickes website
From this link:

David Icke uses the infamous Masonic XXX
X is the Roman Numeral IO
IO is a number and a name (name pronounced "EO")
EO is a name of Apollyon The Destroyer 

Pagans religiously use the XXX to state the name of The Destroyer 3 times


XXX (IO IO IO) The name of the Beast 3 times


X is a Mark, name and number of The Beast

The Evil bankers "XXX"

David Icke moans continually about the bankers and their power
David Icke is a Millionaire BBC celebrity, ex-Soccer star (goalie), ex-TV football commentator, ex-"Green Party" candidate & now an International Stage Showman & Publisher
Mr David Icke has never been short of opportunity or hard cash
He has millions of pounds hoarded away in the banks
The bankers give Mr David Icke thousands of pounds in interest on his Millions.
The bankers do not mind David Icke calling them names because he deposits large sums in their banks

Mr David Icke has, without a doubt, a very cordial relationship with his very happy bank manager "XXX"

Here is the meaning of the cryptic Masonic XXX Code
It is the name of the Destroyer repeated 3 times
X is a number, a name and a Mark (of The Beast Apollyon The Destroyer)


David Icke is featured Top Right in this photo


David Icke and the BBC worship the Sun "god" Halios

This is a 1983 photo of a BBC program featuring David Icke.
David Icke and the other 5 people in the photo were called "The Breakfast Team"
Note the giant SUN/Halios in the background 

Note there are 6 people

There is an ENCODED Satanic message in this BBC photograph and it reads: IOS (IOS is Greek for SUN)

6 people (Greek lower case Sigma (s) is the same as a modern 6

place the two together: IO6 (remeber sigma is an "S"

The cryptic message of this photo is IOS (Sun)

IOS is one of the names of Apollyon the Destroyer


David Icke's BBC Sun Worshiper Colleagues
The BBC are Grand ENCODERS just like the "Worshipful Master" Mr David Icke
In this video I expose the secret encoding of the world famous BBC logo
The BBC log is cryptic for "IOS" (Greek for SUN)


The BBC promoters and paymasters of their Government disinformation agent David Icke worship the same "god" as he does: APOLLYON The Destroyer (aka Halios/Helios).
Below is the garden at BBC house and in the middle of the garden is a monument with none other than Apollyon the Destroyer taking pride of place. (Google this: BBC Helios)
EqY3a-z-Cn Atp5  FUehQRSgLoWuwNkMHelios BBC Television Centre                                                                                                                   

Gareth Icke wears the Mark of the Beast on his forehead and sees himself as a LION


All Pagans worship "The Sun" (Apollyon)
Among his many names Apollyon is: LIO LIOS LEO LEOS LAO LAOS
All these names are Greek for LION
Here is David Icke's son Gareth Icke portraying himself as a Lion
He is also pictured with a rotated X on his head (X is one of the Numbers, Marks & names of The Beast)


1 Peter 5:8
Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.


One of Gareth Icke's album covers depicts him as a Pan figure complete with beard


Pan was the half man half goat who mis-lead the children with music


Gareth Icke calls himself a "Singer songwritter" and a "musician"


Gareth Icke's album cover hides 666


666 is the number of The Beast

Gareth Icke poses like Apollyon The Destroyer




Look at Gareth Icke's pose and look at the pose of Apollyon


Gareth Icke, being a Pagan like his dad, of course cannot resist making signals and honouring Apollyon.



David Icke's NWO Homosexual Agenda
David Icke preaches that there is a New World Order Homosexual Agenda but the trouble is it seems that David Icke's son Gareth is a homosexual.
See the video below.....


David Icke's Gay son Gareth
By all accounts it appears that David Icke's son Gareth Icke is a Homosexual
In this video I show the evidence posted on the internet by Gareth icke himself
Both David Icke and Gareth Icke will not give a straight answer about Gareth's obvious homosexual behaviour

Both David Icke and Gareth Icke only reply to the damning evidence with silence or personal attacks

You can read the "Gay Gareth" article here:


David Icke's son Gareth inserting 500 straws into his bottom

Yes this is really happening! - Gareth uploaded this to youtube himself!

 gareth icke

Alien Homosexuality
Credo Matwa's absurd "logic" in this immensly boring and tedious video

   According to Credo Matwa (David Icke's Witch Doctor) "homosexuality can be caused by "alien" implants".
This absurdity is supported by David Icke who says the Moon has aliens on it controlling us all with mind rays
So according to Icke and Matwa's "logic" Gareth Icke must have been implanted.


BBC caught stalking me on the internet
Report and screen shots here: http://planetxtube.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=127:


Threats and slander from the BBC and the Millionaire Masonic hypocrite David Icke

Before I continue I need to point out that the BBC and I are at odds with each other because I exposed their Paedophile Child Sex Grooming in their "childrens programs"

You can see the videos that upset the BBC here:

I presented these videos as evidence against the BBC in a court case I was involved in
The BBC through the Prosecutor, begged and pleaded with the Judge (Judge Stephen Warner of St.Albans Crown Court) not to allow the jury to see the evidence
The BBC's plea was accepted and the jury were never shown these videos

The BBC went ballistic when they saw these videos and have slandered me mercilessly ever since, even refusing to remove the false "news report"
David Icke took this false report and made it a feature on his website www.davidicke.com in full knowledge that the case was overturned in the High Court and that the BBC with malice towards me for exposing their filthy "Children's Programs" refuse to remove it.
David Icke claims he is against child abuse but promotes the BBC's malicious lies against me, for exposing the Pagan Paedophile ring which is the BBC, in his desparate attempts to try and distract from the immense weight of evidence I have compiled proving David Icke is a Pagan, a Witch, and a high ranking Masonic Master.

By being so knowingly underhanded Mr David Icke has publicly shown his approval for the BBC stage managed "news" lies and their Pagan social brainwashing agenda.


David Icke worked for the BBC
Lets see Mr David Icke use the BBC News as a source of "News truth" again after you read this article where the Director of the BBC NEWS, Helen Boaden, admits FAKING the News in order to protect the BBC's "Reputation" - My exposure of the BBC's Paedophile childrens programs made sure I was a target of the BBC's "Reputation Protection Policy" as stated by the BBC's News Director Helen Boaden. See the article and video of Helen Boaden admitting this here: 

Beware of ALL BBC employees! - They ALL work for the Devil worshiping Pagan British Government
To work for the BBC you MUST be a Pagan and every single BBC employee is exactly that, they are all Pagans and the BBC is run directly by the British Government which makes all their empolyees UK Government agents.

The BBC News is completely play acted and a total sham - This has been admitted by Helen Bowden who is the Head of BBC News.
Click the photo of Helen Bowden to see her admit she is a Freemason (Pagan) and that she and the BBC are liars


David Icke Fake Crying for Money
Just like the self admitted Fake Helen Bowden David Icke is also a shameless Pagan Faker


Hypocrite David Icke complaining about Obama Fake crying
David Icke the blatently fake tears of a blatently fake man
Yes it was easy to spot!

If David Icke was really exposing anything at all rather than misleading people surely he would have gone all out to expose the BBC (The Official mouthpiece of The British Government) but he has not uttered a single word of substantive judgement against the BBC.
This is not a normal response from anyone, especially given Mr David Icke's ability to promote himself worldwide.  If he were actually really hard done by and not part of the BBC's Stage Management skills (as admitted by The BBC Director of News Helen Boaden) surely he would have laid into the BBC and exposed everything he knows - But NO!


The Wicca Magick Illusions of Grandeur
David Icke the professional Political Ex-Spokesman for the British Political Green Party (Witches color) has managed to successfuly create a Religious Pagan orientated conspiracy theorist sales pitch which makes for interesting listening for anyone unaware of the dangerous Pagan Craft behind the "entertainment" which groomes the listener to be susceptible to forthcoming "revelations" such as the false alien invasion scenario.  "Aliens are a big part of David Icke's Pagan Magick sales pitch agenda.
David Icke has been involved with Pagan Wicca Magick at least since (and obviously before) his first wife who was a Professional Necromancer (A Witch that is paid to speak to the dead) and his second wife Pamela Leigh Richards is also a Witch and so is his Witch "doctor" friend Credo Matwa.
As is typical with Devil worshiping Pagans they are subtle and highly manipulative, but when they cannot manipulate their own way they resort to threats and even violence.


David Icke and his supporters have earned themselves a bad internet reputation as threatening bullies
Anyone who has taken issue with Mr David Icke (myself included) have all been subjected to threats of violence and malicious slander

Mr David Icke has earned himself a reputation for making legal threats against some who challenge him

Mr David Icke's Neo Age Pagan supporters have earned themselves a reputation for making threats of violence against anyone opposing their "worshipful master" Mr David Icke

Threats can be seen on my youtube video comments sections, from David Icke fans, directed at me, along with slander and attempts at social ridicule

Here is an example of David Icke supporters threats


Here is a link from one of the many complaints about David Icke's, and his fans, behaviour on the internet
The Article is titled "A Warning about David Icke"



You can find these type of threats in the comments anywhere there is a video or article exposing David Icke as a Pagan, Witch, illuminati or Freemason

David Icke fans have been unable to disprove the evidence I have presented and they and David Icke have resorted to off topic personal attacks against me, laced with physical threats and verbal abuse

Anyone who may not believe what I am Testifying can view the comments for themselves on mine and other people's youtube David Icke videos

You could also make a video yourself and sit back and watch the foul and threatening comments come rolling in

Mr David Icke has also proven himself to be a malicious slanderer by posting the false news report about myself in a desperate effort to deflect the weight of confirmed evidence I have compiled against him

(You can read part of the story about the false BBC News report in my article entitled "Pay No Tax")

Link: "Pay No Tax" http://planetxtube.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=89:

David Icke acts as if he is hard done by from the way he was portrayed by the BBC yet seizes one of the BBC's lying, slandering "news reports" (which is untrue and the case was overturned by the High Court - yet the BBC out of malice refuse to remove it from the internet) and attempts to socially damage my name to deflect interest in his exposure as a witch

The proof that the article is a lie is in my article "Pay No Tax" Link here: http://planetxtube.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=89:

Mr David Icke is aware of this and yet still posts the lies of the BBC
Therefore I can say without fear of being sued: DAVID ICKE IS A LIAR AND A MALICIOUS SLANDERER!
(Mr David Icke is very welcome to sue me if he believes I have lied anywhere in this article or the videos)
The result of any legal action by the Pagan illuminati Witch Mr David Icke will only have one result - THE END of David Icke's lucrative career of manipulation and deception.


Further Evidence of David Icke Lying, slandering and using it to ask for donations.
I upset David Icke with my early videos about him and there is evidence which strongly infers that David Icke attempted to set me up with a photoshoped photograph of what apparently "looked like David Icke" wearing a masonic uniform which was sent to me via my youtube channel "Gorilla199" by a soc account pretending to befriend me (I had already seen this "photo 2 years previous to having it sent to me and I knew it was photoshoped) and decided to make a video about it where I began by questioning the photo authenticity and then to hypotheticaly analyse it (I had made it clear from the outset that I was questioning the authenticity) - David Icke and his pagan followers thought they had me cornered,  because they are illiterate, and went on the attack - I then pointed out that the video title contains a Question Mark at the end "?". 
Having worked in advertising for over 20 years I knew that most people do not actually understand the difference between a Question mark "?" and an Exclamation mark "!"
David Icke realising he had tripped himself up then went on to make the false claim that his website was attacked and tried to blame me by sending me further "offers" via a soc account on youtube to "Take down David Icke's website" - I refused but the David Icke show went on without me untill David Icke exposed himself as a sneaky malicious underhanded coward.
To cut a long story short and show the matter analyzed by an unconnected third party I have added this link


The link takes you to a website called "sodlikeproductions".  What is posted on there is very interesting because the site owner ran a check on a claim by David Icke that his website had been "attacked" and taken down for a short time, (exactly the time my website, then called www.letthetruthbeknown.com was taken down in a DOS attack) and David Icke then immediately used that false claim to ask for donations - Of course it turned out that David Icke was lying!
The site owner of sodlike productions made a check with David Icke's hosting company and found there was no evidence from the hosting company of any attack whatsoever on David Icke's website.
So David Icke's "reason" for asking for Donations was a Fake - Like he is!

Problem: Book not selling - Reaction: Think of a sales gimmick - Solution: Take off your clothes and worship the Sun god Halios


David Icke was (and in my opinion still is) a BBC reporter and British Government operative


Disclaimer: I found the naked David Icke photograph on the public domain - This article is in compliance with all fair use regulations

PlanetXtube.com is a investigation & reporting website

David Icke is a Pagan - Both of David Icke's ex-wives are Pagan witches -Pagans worship Apollyon The Destroyer - Pagans prctice witchcraft

David Icke and his entire family are illuminati Witches


Investigated and Reported by Chris Constantine  www.planetxtube.com


Jeremiah 13:26
I will pull up your skirts over your face that your shame may be seen





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